Hammer Time at Foxwoods!

Grubby would be proud, sort of! I forgot to mention… my only Hammer incident at Foxwoods the other night. With a 2-7 off suit, I limp at the middle position in at my $4-8 https://bursa303.city  game! One of the blinds raises to $8 and I foolishly call! I splashed the pot with two more yellow $2 Foxwoods chips and blurted out, “It’s Hammer Time!!”

The flop: 7-A-J. With a bet and a raise in front of me… that scared me off and I folded my only Hammer hand. Hammer Time was over. The guy who won the pot turned over A-K.

It’s a full house is an article written by Michael Pritchard where he talks about poker’s new found popularity in Atlantic City. Here’s the tagline: ” finds new players, thanks to television programs and casino tournaments…”

Sean from Anisotropy recently braved some bad weather and headed to Atlantic City to play at the Borgata! Check out his trip report. And thanks Sean, for the shout out when you did your “table line-up”! I noticed that HDouble did the same when he posted his trip to Primm Valley. I started a mini-trend here when setting the scenes at casinos and poker rooms!! Very cool.

Yesterday Ugarte sent me an e-mail to invite to fill in a seat at one of his poker games! Alas, I didn’t get the e-mail until almost Midnight! I spent most of yesterday hungover… but would have ralllied to play! Next time for sure… I gave Ugarte my cell number so he can get in touch with me right away!

Wrong Omaha Blogger!

Chris Halverson just sent me an e-mail telling me that I got the wrong Omaha blogger! And that Knowing When to Fold’em had the Omaha posts. Sorry about that guys!! Thanks Chris for …

Buy Legendafx Review – Best Forex Signal Provider

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KPMG; The private investment trust “Off-Balance Sheet” Report


The SEC’s OBS Report: Pensions

A few nuggets from the SEC’s report on off-balance sheet financings, focused on their study of pensions…

Note that the private investment trust mandate in performing the study didn’t originally include pension accounting; rather, they were to concern themselves with things like the kinds of special purpose entities used by Enron to achieve intended accounting “optical” in their financial statements. The SEC expanded its scope to include pension and other postretirement benefits obligations because the existing accounting for the full obligations is opaque. One of the peculiarities of pension accounting is that pension assets and pension liabilities are presented on a sponsor’s balance sheet on a “net” basis – so the full extent of pension assets and obligations is never displayed, only a residual. Thus, pension accounting shares an attribute of the Enron-style financings: the firm’s true rights and obligations are not shown on the balance sheet.

So – what did the SEC’s study show? The Commission examined financial statements of 200 issuers; of them, 48% reported defined benefit plans requiring Statement 87-style accounting, and another 44% reported other postretirement benefit plans (for benefits like health care costs) requiring Statement 106 accounting. With regard to pensions, 81% of the 100 largest issuers in the study sponsored pension plans; 74% of them sponsored other postretirement benefit plans.

Some truly huge numbers: the companies in the study reported $86 billion in “underfundedness” for pension plans; extrapolating that to the population of U.S. registrants yielded $201 billion of underfunded pensions buried in publicly-traded firms’ balance sheets. The projection for the underfunding of other postretirement benefit plans was worse: $336 billion. (Pages 53 – 57)

The study suggests that the underfunding could be worse: it included a survey of the discount rates used in figuring the present value …

Why a Swedish license?


The Swedish government has had a strict monopoly on gaming of 8g88 for a long time. This has lead to Swedish companies transferring abroad, mostly to nations around the world like Malta. The aim of these new guidelines is usually to make the business safer regarding players. By means of closing typically the loopholes within the law, this adjusts how foreign institutions will be able to operate in Sweden. At the same time lure to Swedish companies abroad into shifting back in addition to creating job opportunities around Sweden as well as consuming more income via taxation. This new regulation means that Casinos needs to apply for a Swedish Gambling establishment License. To be able to be granted the certificate casinos have to match a list of requirements. Here are some of the demands worth mentioning.

Often the casino can only present a person welcome bonus. Free spins, cashback, and other devotion bonus deals will be purely forbidden.

Moderation has to be able to be witnessed by this online casino in ads.

Gaming on credit will likely be stringently forbidden.

A subscription, verification, and transactions Bank ID shall be used.

Opportunities for players to discover their own transaction and choice history.

Loss and down payment limitations shall be simple to access.

Self-exclusion achievable on casinos but as well through a national system.

How can this affect the loading casino?

I have got some concerns about exactly how this will affect the flow bonus we find when internet streaming. By restraining the number of bonus items a casino can give a person the idea also controls typically the chance to side out loading bonuses. A streaming reward is some sort of type of bonus streamers get in return with regard to learning and promoting their own casino. My spouse and …

QQWIN99 IS a Sport!


Some people play cricket for a hobby; others collect butterflies. There are always those who prefer to do it a little differently from the rest. The fourth Extreme QQWIN99 tournament where players combine extreme sports and challenging locations with a game of cards, made its debut in Sydney, Australia.

This completely bonkers idea has been growing in popularity around the world; last week it took place over the cliff of Sydney’s North Head.

Six Australian players were playing poker on a table placed onto a steel platform constructed 90 metres above the ocean with waves crashing against the rocks below. And the only way off the table for losers was via a quick dip in the water, plunging down the cliff on a flying fox cable.

Only the winner got the right to walk off the platform on solid land.

This year’s prize is a trip for two to compete in the Extreme Poker Underwater Final on the Caribbean island of St Kitts later this year.

Extreme Poker games have also been held at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, in the Arctic Circle and flying 30,000 feet above the Las Vegas desert.

One Win for US Poker Players

Well it appears the poker players in the United States have finally won one. The Internal Revenue Service is backing off a recent ruling to have casinos and cardrooms withhold a whopping 25% of tournament poker winnings over $5,000. The original ruling had come in the form of a Revenue Procedure, which is the lowest form of IRS regulation.

Apparently the definitive argument came down to something like:

“There are already enough tax laws on the books to handle this situation.”

We can only hope that the real message is:

“Lay the hell off the poker players.”

According to tax …

How To Calculate Your Initial Startup Costs


Going solo and starting your own business is something that many of us dream about. It takes a little risk, a lot of heart and a good brain, and it’s worth every second! The single hardest part of starting a business is taking that first leap. Taking the risk and putting yourself out there is tough. It’s a big decision and comes with a number of difficulties, not least money! Many businesses require a strong injection of cash to start with. Your private investment trust startup costs are a key component to getting your business off the ground. Some businesses can be started for as little as $100, others will need more investment. So, how do you begin calculating the costs?

Your assets – In the business world, ‘assets’ are the physical things you need to operate your company. If you’re a handyman, these will be your tools and your van, for example. If you’re a craftsperson this will be the materials and equipment you need to make your product. Write a full list of everything you need in order to get the first part of the business going. Many businesses take out a loan to cover this. If you do, make sure you can afford the repayments. Get quotes and start reaching out to suppliers. Negotiate prices and deals!

Expenses – Your expenses will typically be anything else that is involved in setting up the business. It’s the costs that aren’t related to a physical item. For example, it could be the rent on an office space or wages for your first few employees. Web hosting fees also fall into this category. The cost of expenses varies in every business sector, so work out what you need and give it a budget.

Insurance – From the very earliest …

Win a $7k Package to the hk prize Borgata Open on PartyPoker


Atlantic City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. While it is known for offering fantastic shopping and fine dining, it is most famous as the “Las Vegas of the East” thanks to its large collection of casinos and gambling venues.

If you haven’t had the chance to see what all the hype is about when it comes to Atlantic City, then you should play on hk prize this month. They want to give you the opportunity to win a $7,000 prize package that includes the chance to play in a World Poker Tour event!

The WPT Borgata Poker Open takes place between September 18th and 23rd. The Main Event has a $3,500 buy-in and a final table scheduled for September 23rd. Everything takes place in the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa (as the name of the event would suggest).

To win your prize package on PartyPoker, make sure you are free to play the $350+$25 WPT Borgata Satellite at 15:20 ET. One player in twenty will win a package, and one package is guaranteed every week.

Dwyte Pilgrim won the Main Event in 2010

To win your way into this qualifier, you can play the $37.50+$2.50 WPT Borgata Satellite Qualifier on Sunday at 13:45 ET. It’s a turbo event and designed so that you can play the WPT Borgata Satellite right afterward.

If you have an extremely small bankroll and can’t afford to pay $40 for a tournament, there are also satellites for $6 and $1 that get you into the WPT Borgata Satellite Qualifier. And if you have no bankroll at all, you can try the daily freeroll that gets you into the $1 qualifier.

It may sound like a lot of work to do all this qualifying, but the prize makes …

The Quest for slot hoki free money


The bankroll is fluid and I’m moving it around. Lately I’ve been googling “Poker signup bonus” to find every free dollar a rake-taking internet whore will offer. Ole G-Rob is feelin’ frisky. G-Rob’s wife is glad he has another outlet.

Until now I’ve had the roll locked up on either PARTY or ULTIMATE BET. I always thought the SNG’s were easiest at UB and the rings best at Party. But because those reload bonuses only happen so often, and because every high school loser with an allowance and without a girlfriend is suddenly a poker pro, there’s no shortage of playable sites.

I tried PACIFIC first. Like anyone else they have a deposit bonus for first time accounts and this onhas a big perk. I bought in and cashed my bonus INSTANTLY which turns out to be a very very good thing. Pacific? That’s where it belongs, buried beneath an slot hoki Ocean of salt that corrodes the memory of the Commodore-64 that spawned it. There cannot possibly be a slower, less user-friendly site anywhere. Pacific Poker sucks, as the valley girls said, TO THE MAX.

The second site, you’ll love this one, was Absolute poker. If ever two things were a perfect match (though I’ll quickly buy-in to SoCo poker even withour a bonus) this was it. The bonus is fairly large, 35%, and fairly easy to work off. Its released in $10 increments as you play your raked hands. I’ve earned about half of mine in about a day and a half. The drawback here is the number of players. Its a pretty small site with only a few thousand players at a time and almost all of the are VERY low limit players. C’est la vie!

More than anything, I found action playing a .25 cent …

Profit From Free E-books


Have you ever wondered how those marketers that give away ebooks and reports actually benefit from doing so? It might seem a little strange that someone would put their time and effort into creating a quality product and then just give it away for nothing but there is an excellent reason for marketing this way, you see, those free ebooks will generate sales and leads for years to come, all on the backend.

What is the purpose of a free ebook? The purpose is to drive traffic to a website that will result in sales, subscribers, Adsense clicks or any other goal you may want to achieve. The main purpose for a free ebook is to generate leads for a paid product, you would pre sell by explaining advantages and benefits subtly in the ebook and generate leads by providing links within it.

How do I create one? let’s say you have a product about gardening that you sell for $47, you could then write a short report that would compliment that product such as a review, a short extract of it, a short report about gardening that would not go into as much detail as your paid product, the point is that it is very relevant to your paid product but does not have as much value, I mean you don’t want to give away a free ebook that reveals all the methods contained in your paid one, you just want to generate interest for it.

How do I distribute it? You can distribute a free ebook in a number of ways such as in your signature file at forums, to your email subscribers, free ebook directories, your website, arranging joint ventures with other marketers, there are many different ways to distribute, you just have to find where …

Dry skin Prevention and treatment

The skin’s oil glands produce natural oil, which protects the skin against water loss. Dry skin (xerosis) can be the consequence when the oil is depleted.Most people fight with dry skin at some summit in their lives, especially when they are past heart age. The lower legs, sides of the stomach, arms and thighs are most frequently affected.

Skin allergies, or allergic communicate dermatitis, are allergies of skin that arise when an element that a person is allergic to touches the skin.

Contact dermatitis is caused from skin communicate with a element that causes a rash-like reaction. People react to a kind of chemical, including foundation, hair dye, metals, topical medication and dental materials. Inflammation can arise after being on communicate with an item or building block that present no injury at all to people who do not suffer from this allergy. Learn more about dysport vs botox which is better

An example of a communicate dermatitis is a hasty from venom ivy, which is an exceedingly itchy and seems as blisters that ooze and crust after communicate with plants of the Toxicodendron family.A communicate dermatitis hasty might seem like atopic dermatitis; although, the hasty is classically located merely in the area of communicate with the offending chemical. Normal locations consist the face, particularly the eyelids, neck, hands and feet.

Dry skin can result in scaling, cracking or itching and the outer shell of fine wrinkles. It is rarely a serious condition. Still, some people suffer from a strict form of dry skin called ichthyoids vulgarism. This condition develops when the skin cells fail to shed and form thick, dry weighing machine instead, hence the other name: fish scale disease. It can be hereditary, or may be due to other checkup conditions, such as Aids or hypothyroidism, and can be …