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The AP (Associated Press) has a story on new gaming rules in Nevada that, if passed, will allow gamblers to move about a casino, and continue to play a game whose table they just left. The positive aspect of such a ruling is that you don’t have to lose out in a game that you have a stake in, just because you, say, get hungry. But there’s the downside that addicted gamblers will find it that much easier to part with their money due to easy access.


There’s also the worry that kids will get their hands on these devices. Fortunately or unfortunately, these devices have biometric fingerprint readers. Which means that you have to register your finger with someone – someone who will know all about your mobile gambling habits – cbetcasino.fr.


Gambling addiction, of course, has been a problem for as long as gambling has existed. The disturbing trend I’m finding, however, is that adults are giving their 4-12 year old children scratch-and-win lottery tickets to play with. Selling lottery tickets to minors is illegal in most places. Presumably, so is handing a minor a ticket. But when I work at my mother’s diner, I see this going on regularly. Once these children are hooked, many throw tantrums if their parents don’t give them some of the tickets. A very bad precedent.


For some reason, I don’t see kids in the 13-17 age group trying to sponge lottery tickets from their parents. Then again, that may be because they’ve snuck on to online poker sites after pilfering mom or dad’s credit card.