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eDiscovery TranslationeDiscovery, sometimes known as litigation support, involves sifting through large amounts of electronically stored information and identifying which files are relevant.

Evidence eventually presented to court may end up as PDF or TIFF, but the raw information could come from:



instant messaging

websites & forums

XML and other electronic sources

If, for example, there is cross-border litigation involving more than one language, you need more than one team to sift through the raw data.  Bulk translating all the raw data is typically uneconomic, both financially and in terms of the time it would take.  The practical solution is usually to instruct suitably qualified native speakers and get them to categorize the data according to relevance.


Example: eDiscovery makes the impossible manageable


eDiscovery for matters involving large amounts of data typically require automated filtering solutions.  Take, for example, the 2011 allegation that the News of the World deleted over 200,000 emails (click here to read more).


If each email can be read in two or three minutes, it could take five man years just to evaluate their contents.  This is simply not a realistic task to undertake.


Our Expertise


We are able to offer bulk translation services consisting of customised machine translation followed with post-editing by a suitably qualified translation team.  This is a quicker and cheaper method than traditional translation to build a picture from a large amount of data.


However, we also go much further: we are used to working collaboratively so that we provide a team, either remotely or on site, of appropriately skilled people who are able to use their language skills to help with the filtration, classification and identification of important material.More about Translation Companies UK


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