Taking Super Turbo strategy to Short Stack Full Ring 먹튀사이트


After a downswong with the super 먹튀사이I made a try at 4 tabling $25NL playing with $5 (20 BBs).


The downswing took place over 8 missed ITMs over 2 playing periods. Anytime I miss ITMing too many in a row, in this case 4, I stop, at least for a hour or maybe a day.

Super turbo play = short stack cash game play?

I’ve made attempts in the past to learn to play short stacked ring strategy and never really been too successful with it. In particular, when Full Tilt had a short extra bonus period I tried to earn some points and bonus by short stacking 4 tables.

Poker spam for one, spam for all 🙁

Wow, I just spent a few minutes searching for information on the internet using different approaches than I normally use, and I feel sorry for anyone using those methods and hoping for useful information.

Update thoughts

Well, this blog seems to be reverting to it’s original form again; mostly personal poker related updates for me to keep in mind.

And right now I’m still pretty much only playing the super turbo SnGs. A little PLO, occasional ring games when I find some people that I know playing and I’ll sit down

More notes on super turbos

Just some more reminder/notes for myself for the super turbos on Full Tilt.


usually, but not always, 1 – 2 LAGs trying to stack up early or bust

usually 3-4 tight/weak players wanting to limp with crap to medium pairs/big cards

about half the time they will call a shove with their crap, as well as with their

When to make the move from play money to real money?

Here’s a recurring question that I run across. “I’ve been playing poker …