Is legalised betting worth the gamble?

Tourism has been one of the strongest sectors of the Thai economy in recent years. Its annual revenues of up to around 300 billion baht have been a major buffer for the economy given the recent declines in exports. The government has rightly looked to strengthen the attractions for tourists through a variety of promotions and development campaigns.


Now Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, former prime minister and defence minister, believes that legalising gambling and opening casinos will help to further strengthen the country’s appeal to tourists. Not necessarily foreign tourists, but Thais who now travel abroad to satiate their need to place a bet. Gen Chavalit argues that up to 300 billion baht is lost each year from Thais travelling to casinos. No less than 40 casinos are known to be operating along our borders, catering largely to Thai punters. Gen Chavalit said the military considered these casinos a direct threat to the country’s security, and thought legalisation would help the economy by keeping proceeds within our borders. Allowing a casino to open in Pattaya, for instance, would not only reduce incentives for Thais to travel abroad, it would further the tourism industry by attracting foreign gamblers to the country.


Under the 1935 Gambling Act, all gambling activities, save horse racing, are prohibited. While temporary licences can be issued by the police, this is not done in practice. For the most part, the government lottery represents the sole legal gambling option for most people.


There is little question that illegal gambling, ranging from underground lotteries to football pools to card games, is huge business. A study in the mid-1990s by Chulalongkorn University estimated that illegal gambling generated value-added of up to 277 billion baht for the economy each year. Punters cross a broad swath of society _ rich …

Ligaz11 Review of PokerFarce and PokerTruth

Ray Michael B. writes a column for the bi-weekly Poker Digest magazine expressing his insights into the world of poker and beyond. This book contains an abundance of essays, stories, anecdotes, and commentaries by the author attempting to answer the question, “What is it really like … the world of poker?”


This book is divided into four sections. The first two cover the game of poker as seen through the eyes of Ray Michael B., self described semi-retired neuro-surgeon and poker aficionado. The third section is a brief selection of poker related comic panels by Ron Strombaugh. The forth section covers the author’s interpretations of various historical events through the metaphor of a poker game.


Time to cut to the chase. I don’t know any way to put this delicately. I didn’t like this book. In fact, I didn’t enjoy it in the slightest. The only reason I finished it is because I planned to write this review, and I wouldn’t feel right about reviewing a book I hadn’t read in its entirety. I do not enjoy Mr. B’s writing style, I didn’t learn anything at all about playing poker, and even the comics were totally uninteresting.


I must admit, though, that Ray Michael B. does appear to be very bright and very well read. Furthermore, it’s obvious that he is also a devoted student of history. In fact, his historical essays were my favorite, or rather least unfavorite, part of the book. Unfortunately, though, his complete lack of anything substantive to say about the game of ligaz11 poker and grating writing style make me unable to say anything kind about this work.


To be fair, there are almost certainly folks out there who like Ray Michael B’s writing style. Seemingly, someone at both Two Plus …

LONELINESS of a late-night gambler

It is a Friday night and Cory and Neil are on decent rolls on the roulette and blackjack tables.

The 25-year-olds (who did not want their last names used) are a business graduate student and a law student, respectively, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Neither man knows or even notices the other.

They are not dressed the way you might think good gamblers would be – fancy jeans and shiny, colorful club shirts, or business suits with gorgeous women on their arms.

Instead of a seafood buffet and a bar with high-end booze, Cory is casually dressed in his pajamas and has an end table with chips, dip, pizza and a can of Miller Light. Neil is not eating. There are no other gamblers or gawkers around him.

And their roulette and blackjack tables? They are confined to computer monitors in corners of their apartments.

Next year will mark the 10-year anniversary of online casinos. More than 5 million Americans have accounts with Internet gambling sites, according to a recent report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office.


In 2005, the number of Web situs judi poker gamblers in the United States will reach about 7.4 million, according to the St. Louis-based gambling analysts River City Group.

“The reason it’s been so successful is that people are more comfortable with technology,” said Cory Aronovitz, founder of the Chicago-based Casino Law Group. ” . . . So more people are comfortable staying home to do their gaming.”

And it appears more people are “staying home” in the Midwest than in other parts of the country., one of the oldest online casinos, said its highest concentration of players – more than 420,000 – is spread among Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio.

The GAO reported recently 2003 online …

Tekkorp Consulting Group Opens Judi Slot Online Office

Tekkorp – Tekkorp Consulting Group announces its first office opening in Sydney, Australia. Tekkorp is the one of the first companies to focus its services entirely on the needs of operators in the regulated interactive gaming market.

Tekkorp Consulting is focused on providing a complete array of services required by casino operators in today’s highly competitive environment. The company distinguishes itself through an unmatched pool of skilled employees, who have been involved in the interactive gaming industry since its infancy and are therefore part of an established network of gaming associations, regulators, backend development houses, game designers, and operators. The company operates on a global playing field, understanding every facet of the internet gaming business.

Matt Davey, Managing Director, Tekkorp Consulting Group Pty Ltd, commented, “First-world government bodies have been slow to recognize the impact of interactive Judi Slot Online gaming on their citizens and licensed operators. Consequently, players choose to consume self-regulated gaming products and operators have resorted to offshore jurisdictions. Recently, however, we have seen a number of countries move to issue licenses in conjunction with strong regulations.

“Operators are now presented with the challenge of determining which jurisdiction to choose. Tekkorp is working with these operators to sift through the options and identify the jurisdictions that provide the best regulations, reputation, and effective business environment for their individual needs.”

Tekkorp Consulting provides its consultancy services in both the technical and business arenas. The breath and depth in the company’s services suite range from high-level management strategies such as Business Analysis, Market Segmentation and System Evaluation to implementation focused services such as Risk Analysis and Project Management.

By engaging in the services of Tekkorp Consulting, operators are able to access some of the best skills in the market place, in a timely and cost effective manner. Moreover, operators …

Judi Qq is the game to play

We had time for some sightseeing in Marseille and chose to visit Notre Dame, the highest point in Marseille, for it’s church and views over the city.

Notre Dame, the highest point in Marseille.

We caught the train, after checking it was running the night before, at lunchtime and made our way to Lyon as rain appeared on the Windows.

Steve called an Uber cab (I hadn’t used it before and so was interested to see how it worked), to pick us up from our location, so that we could meet up with friends to watch the afternoon’s game in Lens. Learn more about Judi Qq

Ukraine v Northern Ireland, Lyon.

After 15 minutes, and us phoning the driver a few times we were united with the car and made our way. I can see room for improvements with the Uber system, these days with technology you should be able to get the driver to come to you.

After that there was a long bus journey to the stadium which is situated some 12km out of town.

Hail in Lyon, Euro 2016.

During the game fans abandoned their seats in scenes reminiscent of Ukraine v France in Donetsk four years ago, as the rain and then hail poured down. Play was suspended.

Thankfully it was nowhere near as bad as four years ago although it was for Ukraine as, like last time they lost 2-0. With Northern Ireland’s boys in green on fire.

We decided to head to the old town and eat at a Bouchon rather than watch the football that night.

Bouchon, Lyon, France.

On the menu Fruit lets d’escargots aux asperges blanches, Crème d’ail et jus de persil (snail pastry with white asparagus garlic cream and parsley sauce). Followed by Andouillette Bobosse à la Fraise de veau …

Flying another Togel Online flag



There’s nothing like Christmas to bring up old and unresolved family issues.


With the rest of Europe, England apart, on hibernal hiatus, 32,000 turned out at Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium tonight to watch Catalonia hammer Honduras, a representative in last summer’s World Cup Finals, 4-0, with a brace from Barça’s Bojan Krkic.


The Catalan eleven also boasted blaugrana stalwart Carles Puyol and teammate Sergio Busquets, who both lifted the World Cup in Spanish colours in South Africa this year. Barça heavy though the team was, the Catalonia squad actually contained more players from the city’s other team, Español.


The Catalan national team remains of course unrecognised by FIFA or UEFA, as are a handful of European ‘countries’ like Corsica, Gibraltar, Jersey, Kosovo, Monaco and the Vatican City. FIFA now demand full United Nations recognition before they rubber-stamp anything, but in their quest for acceptance, the ‘forgotten nations’ point to the footballing status of not entirely sovereign states such as Andorra, the Faroe Togel Online Islands, Liechtenstein and San Marino, as well as the four nations which make up the United Kingdom, which has only one seat at the UN.


The Spanish close season or mid-winter break are the only times the Catalan national team can realistically assemble, but on the evidence of recent outings, their side, now coached by Barcelona idol Johan Cruyff, would be a force in European football were it playing regularly: Last year they downed Diego Maradona’s Argentina 4-2 at the Camp Nou, beat Colombia 2-1 the year before that and in 2003 thrashed Ecuador 4-0, five years after a memorable 5-0 walloping of Nigeria. And absent from their ranks tonight were Catalan aces Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique and Xavi, World Soccer’s Player of the Year for 2010.


Indeed, Spain won …

The Torres Togel Singapore mystery



Tonight against Birmingham City at Stamford Bridge, Fernando TorTorresres may score his first goal for Chelsea.

Sooner or later, the £50 million pound-man must break his duck and show his new employers what he is really made of. Yet thus far, his transfer has been a near-disaster. No goals in twelve games, Torres has failed to gel with his new teammates while his record-breaking arrival has seen Chelsea dumped out of Europe and fall away in the title race.

Torres clearly can cut the mustard, and was probably the world’s best striker in 2008, but has not been the same player for the last season Togel Singapore and a half. He was not firing on all cylinders in South Africa and looked listless for Liverpool in his final year there. A decline seems to have set in from the day Spain lost 0-2 to the USA in the 2009 Confederations Cup semi-final.


The Spaniard now seems to have lost his exquisite first touch and his shooting sights are askew. Not only has he yet to find the net despite benefiting from one of the best attacks around, he has not looked even close to scoring. His aim is cock-eyed while he is struggling, in the vernacular, to trap a bag of cement.


What is going on? Nobody really seems to know. Torres is hardly past it at age 27, won the World Cup last summer and has not yet forgotten scoring the winning goal in the Euro 2008 final. He is a happily-married man who is known for staying at home with his family instead of hitting the town. He is fabulously rich. So why can’t Fernando suddenly play football?

Confidence is the old chestnut of an excuse for a lack of form or a run …

Last call for the boat to Judi Online Qq South Africa



Saturday sees the penultimate day of World Cup qualifers with nine of the 32 places still up for grab.


Already qualified

HOSTS: South Africa

AFRICA: Ghana, Ivory Coast

ASIA: Australia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea

EUROPE: Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland

  1. AMERICA: Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina

N./C. AMERICA: Mexico, USA, Honduras


Can still qualify


AFRICA: Cameroon or Gabon, Tunisia or Nigeria, Egypt or Algeria

EUROPE: Eire or France, Portugal or Bosnia & Herzg., Greece or Ukraine, Russia or Slovenia

AMERICAS: Costa Rica or Uruguay

ASIA/OCEANIA: Bahrain or New Zealand


The winner-takes-all North African Judi Online Qq derby between Egypt and Algeria stands out as the pick of tomorrow’s ties.


Finals favourites Cameroon will stamp their ticket if they beat Morocco in Fez, but a draw will suffice for the Indomitable Lions if Gabon fail to win in Togo.


In Europe, 1998 World Cup holders and 2006 finalists France are the biggest potential casualty, with Giovanni Trapattoni’s Republic of Ireland ready to cut the ropes. Cristiano Ronaldo could also be absent if Portugal slip up against the dark horses of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


The first leg of the trans-American playoff between Costa Rica and Uruguay kicks off in San Jose, C.R. The Ticos were pipped from automatic passage by a last-gasp goal in their final qualifier, but Los Charruas of Uruguay remain favourites with the second leg on Wednesday in Montevideo.


Further afield, New Zealand look set to return to the finals for the first time since 1982. The All-Whites need only a 1-0 win over Bahrain in Wellington to qualify.


World Cup 2010 Competition

Continental’s New ContiFan Competition Gives Fans Chance to Win Tickets to 2010 FIFA World Cup™


Continental Tyres, Official Sponsor of the 2010 …

Time To Capture Football Dominoqq Converts



In October, spare a thought for Australia’s mainstream sports followers.


Leaving September to them generates the same sensation football fanatics suffer the day after the World Cup final. A feeling of abandonment engulfs them. As winter finally gives way to spring down under, so the campaigns of the traditional codes of AFL and NRL come to a crescendo with their respective grand finals. Then, for four long summer months, football – as they know it – disappears.


Can 2005 be different? With three-quarters of the Dominoqq inaugural A-League season still to play before its own finals series in March, the competition holds a unique opportunity to fill the vacuum left by the bigger codes.


Although rightly scheduled for an August start date to coincide with next year’s World Cup, the first six weeks of the new football season were always destined to provide the toughest introduction possible. Not only was the sport coming off an enforced 16-month break but its all-important opening exchanges would have to fight the attention, budget and TV-time of the Aussie rules and rugby league masses.


Having negotiated the storm of September, the fledgling competition can feel satisfied by fans’ reaction so far. Crowd figures for the opening month have come through relatively unscathed with half the clubs averaging around the 10,000-mark or greater – the number officials expect to see come the season’s end. Indeed, Sydney FC and Queensland Roar are up closer to 20,000 having played two and three home matches respectively.


Importantly, with an average crowd size over 12,000 across the first five rounds, the subsequent few weeks will give a strong indication of whether the FFA can convert footy fans to the world game.


There are signs that potential crossover supporters have given preference …

Asutralian Federal court finds Togel Singapore racing fee collection system discriminates against bookies




Litigation initiated in New South Wales, Australia by Sportsbet yielded a positive result this week when a federal court ruled that the way in which horse racing authorities collect fees is discriminatory against major bookmakers.


Justice Perram ruled that attempts to exempt the TAB and local NSW bookies from the fee were protectionist.


As a result, he upheld arguments put by Darwin-based corporate bookmaker Sportsbet, which claimed all interstate bookies were discriminated against.


Racing NSW were ordered to pay back Sportsbet more than $2 million in fees collected.


The Australian newspaper reports that Sportsbet’s challenge was against a 1.5% fee on the amount of “back bets” placed through wagering operators conducting business in NSW.


WSOP day 19 highlights


Day 19 saw another action-packed session at the 41st World Series of Togel Singapore Poker as new bracelets were won and fresh events kicked off, with UK player James Dempsey narrowly missing his second bracelet and serial side better Tom Dwan still hunting for his first.


By the completion of Day 3 play around 9pm Vegas time Tuesday in event 24, a $1,000 No-limit Hold’em competition, a final table had been formed from the nine survivors of an original field of 3,289, with JD McNamara holding the lead on 2,393,000 ahead of Kiet Tran Tuan (2,311,000) and Blake Kelso (1,166,000).


Other members of the final table, which will play to a conclusion on Day 4, were John Tolbert, David Cai, Denis Murphy, Greg Pohler, Michael Gross and Jeffrey Tebben.


The event saw 512 players start Day 2 but only 30 of them lasted through to the start of Day 3. Casualties along the way included a multi-tournamenting Tom Dwan and UK female ace Liv Boeree.


Poker pro Sammy Farha …