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Online bettors began wagering on the championship over a month ago, but placed little of their own financial confidence in Raymer (an unknown quantity), a Connecticut lawyer with a penchant for displaying fossils instead of a rabbit Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercayafoot during his play, favoring better-known players in odds exclusively compiled by online site, Pokertropolis (


Raymer’s final two adversaries at the table late Friday night, 23-year-old David Anthony Williams (who earned $3.5 million), and Josh Arieh (earning $2.5 million) were also ranked in the bottom half with 500:1 and 400:1 chances respectively Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercayaby the same online bettors. The “Fossilman” dethroned his much written about 2003 predecessor, Chris Moneymaker, who was also given poor odds (460:1) to repeat his Rocky Balboa-like win. Meanwhile, both Pokertropolis’ pre-tournament favorite Johnny Chan (50:1) and Moneymaker were vanquished in the very first round.


While the tendency in recent years has trended toward newcomers and upsets, the online betting community relied heavily on the supposed favorites. Pokertropolis General Manager Jim Silvers noted the fickle nature of the game, with its ability to send even the most talented of players to the showers early: “With the luck of the draw and some well-timed opportunities, it was truly a matter of last man standing.”


The almost 2600 player field was triple that of last year, overwhelming many pro players used to smaller, more focused competition. Many of the Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercayafamed poker-playing celebrities like Ben Affleck (500-to-1) and Leonardo DiCaprio (425-to-1) chose not to duke it out under the limelight of ESPN’s 14 dedicated camera crews in this exceptional elbow-room-only year. Celebs Tobey Maguire (415:1) and James Woods (490:1) did, however, brave the masses, losing out early in the …

Take Your Gambling Addiction With You on



The AP (Associated Press) has a story on new gaming rules in Nevada that, if passed, will allow gamblers to move about a casino, and continue to play a game whose table they just left. The positive aspect of such a ruling is that you don’t have to lose out in a game that you have a stake in, just because you, say, get hungry. But there’s the downside that addicted gamblers will find it that much easier to part with their money due to easy access.


There’s also the worry that kids will get their hands on these devices. Fortunately or unfortunately, these devices have biometric fingerprint readers. Which means that you have to register your finger with someone – someone who will know all about your mobile gambling habits –


Gambling addiction, of course, has been a problem for as long as gambling has existed. The disturbing trend I’m finding, however, is that adults are giving their 4-12 year old children scratch-and-win lottery tickets to play with. Selling lottery tickets to minors is illegal in most places. Presumably, so is handing a minor a ticket. But when I work at my mother’s diner, I see this going on regularly. Once these children are hooked, many throw tantrums if their parents don’t give them some of the tickets. A very bad precedent.


For some reason, I don’t see kids in the 13-17 age group trying to sponge lottery tickets from their parents. Then again, that may be because they’ve snuck on to online poker sites after pilfering mom or dad’s credit card.…

Inside the Tour: Casino Extra Impressions from Commerce Club L.A. Poker Classic 2005, PPT tour, Year One



This event, which is spun out of the WPT, is a big step forward in the relationship the players have with television productions. Prior to this the players put up the entry fees, paid the house percentage, gave tips to the dealers and other workers from their winnings, and then were told by television to not make final-table deals, not wear logos, not dress poorly, not to criticize others, and not to speak harshly while on camera…. And, by the way, hold it right there because we need to change the tape… we will be back with you in a few minutes…Some players have even had makeup administered and an arm reaching up inside their shirt to adjust a microphone as they tried to play a hand! Ah, yes, well some of the production assistants are not fully aware of the fact that a real competition for real money is going on. For them it is just another “reality” television show where they are trying to present everyone as pretty and acceptable.


As Casino Extra players we were very offended because, although television made stars out of a few, they were very demanding and yet returning nothing to the participants. By giving the three million dollars to the professional pool of players much of the sting of other compromises has been removed. Of course there is another side to this, the TV people argue that they have made poker a household word and that the fields are large and the media scrutiny intense only because they have found a way to make these events exciting (specifically by use of microphones, camera shots, personality profiles, and most especially the “hole cam” where the audience gets to see the player’s hidden cards and so can reflect on the ways …

A Chat With Chad, Creator of California Hold’em –



I did the math and realized I wanted eight more cards. I knew that my biggest hurdle is in people adopting change. So I didn’t want to introduce any unique cards, like new face cards. 11s and 12s just seemed logical to me. If I changed the face cards or in any other way messed with the logic of the traditional deck, I was probably going to face huge opposition no matter how great the game.


I think the changes I made are the best method by which to produce the precise mathematical results for hold’em poker while preserving the logic. I faced a great deal of consternation about whether to unsuit the 2s and 3s, but wanted to consolidate all of the changes to the same place in the deck. As far as unsuiting cards to begin with, I needed to for two reasons. The overall idea of my game is to add more ’slugs’ to the deck that do not improve drawing hands. This forces players to be more considerate when drawing, since some situations that are profitable for drawing in THE are not in CHE.


If I did not compensate for suit, it would be easier to get a flush at than a straight and there would be no comparable disincentive applied to flush draws. I knew I could not unsuit the 12s, because there had to be the ability to get a Royal Flush. (12-A in my game.) A great deal of thought went into every detail of my game. In the end, the nuance created by having the unsuited cards where they are in the deck creates some really cool challenges. Understanding the 10-12 in the deck and the ramifications the changes can give a skilled player an edge even …