Taruhan online – Hantam Cruz Azul 4-0, Madrid pada Final



Real Madrid memastikan diri terlepas di final Piala Dunia Antar skuad selesai menundukkan Cruz Azul. Lewat gol-gol dari Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, juga Isco, Madrid menang 4 gol tanpa balas.test1


Pada laga yg berlangsung dalam Stade de Marrakech, Marrakesh, Rabu (17/12/2014) dinihari WIB, Madrid tampil relatif kuat. Los Blancos termasuk meraup 20 attempts (13 on target) sepanjang pertarungan. Sementara, Cruz Azul memiliki 15 attempts sejauh rivalitas, akan tetapi selesai kesudahan yang buruk cuma memproduksi lima di antaranya akurat sasaran.


Madrid udah unggul 2 gol tanpa balas pada putaran perdana. Gol perdana mereka diciptakan sama Sergio Ramos di menit ke-15, sementara gol kedua mereka diciptakan sama Karim Benzema di menit ke-36.


Gol Ramos diawali oleh sebuah depakan bebas daripada sisi kiri tambak Cruz Azul. Depakan bebas tersebut kemudian dieksekusi oleh Toni Kroos dan membubung di daerah depan gawang Cruz Azul. Ramos lantas menanduknya & menyampaikan Madrid keunggulan 1-0.


Setengah jam pertandingan beredar, Kroos memiliki kesempatan melalui tendangan atas luar tempat penalti. Tetapi, tendangannya masih bisa diamankan oleh kiper Cruz Azul, Jose Corona.


Dalam menit ke-35, Benzema meninggikan keberhasilan Madrid sebagai 2-0. Dani Carvajal memerankan pelaku diperlukan dalam gol ke 2 tersebut. Menusuk daripada sebelah kanan, Carvajal menyamarkan 3 orang tokoh lawan sebelum hasilnya menarik umpan silang. Umpan yang dilepaskan sama Carvajal tersebut dan kemudian disambar oleh Benzema dengan sepak kaki kanan.


Lima menit kemudian, Cruz Azul mendapatkan penalti sesudah Sergio Ramos melanggar Mariano Pavone. Ramos pun memperoleh kartu kuning. Kendati demikian, penalti yang dieksekusi oleh Gerardo Torrado tidak berhasil. Tendangannya masih mampu ditepis Iker Casillas


Pada poker online terpercaya  ronde kedua, tepatnya di menit ke-50, Madrid memperlebar jarak dengan Cruz Azul lewat gol ketiga yg diciptakan sama Gareth Bale.


Gol berasal dari terjangan di sisi kiri yg dibangun sama …

teknik bermain sepak bola – Tajamnya Taring Duo Madrid, Finalis Liga Champions Musim Lalu



Bertingkat setaraf finalis Liga Champions 2013-2014, Real Madrid serta Atletico Madrid mampu menunjukkan kelas mereka semestinya pada Liga Champions musim ini. Madrid serta Atletico udah memastikan diri lolos daripada fase perhimpunan Liga Champions 2014-2015.


Ke-2 pasukan ibukota Spanyol tersebut luput di ronde 16 besar dengan tahap serupa juara di grup mereka masing-masing. Bahkan, Los Blancos terlepas dengan poin baik sesudah terus-menerus menang pada enam perjuangan dalam Grup B.


Sementara Atletico sendiri juga dapat melaju ke 16 besar Liga Champions untuk juara grup A. Los Colchoneros mengoleksi 13 poin atas enam duel, merebut Juventus yang terlepas sebagai runner up dengan torehan 10 angka.


Di pertarungan belakang, Madrid menangani klub Bulgaria, Ludogorets dgn skor total 4-0. Dalam teritori lain, Atletico bermain draw tanpa gol pada sarang Juventus, tetapi itu telah cukup guna pasukan bimbingan Diego Simeone tersebut terlepas setaraf juara grup.


Kepergian sekitar tokoh bintang mereka ibarat, Diego Costa, Filipe Luis, Thibaut Courtois, & David Villa, benar tak mempengaruhi prestasi Atletico. Mario Mandzukic, Antoine Griezmann, dan Guilherme Siqueira dinilai bisa mengoper keterlibatan yg ditinggalkan tiap-tiap tokoh bintang itu.


Dalam Real Madrid, mereka sekarang ditempatkan sejajar kecintaan untuk menolong gelar juara Liga Champions yg mereka rebut musim kemarin. Performa pemain didikan Carlo Ancelotti itu terhitung fenomenal, paling utama mesin gol tersebut, Cristiano Ronaldo.


Madrid pecahkan rekor keunggulan berangkaian pada Liga Champions


Setelah menginjak-injak Ludogorets, kesebelasan ajaran Carlo Ancelotti tidak terkalahkan di dalam 19 laga di seluruh persaingan. Tinjauan ini menerobos rekor Barcelona tatkala dilatih Frank Rijkaard pada 2005-06, yg mendapat 18 kemenangan sambung-menyambung.


Gelandang serang Los Blancos, Isco, mengemukakan keinginannya bagi menaungi rekor keunggulan ini selama masa mungkin. Namun, Isco pula bukan cuma mau rekor kemenangan berturut-turut Madrid gak putus, dia pengen membawa trofi Liga Champions lagi.


“Kami merintis putaran grup dgn …

Online poker, Rubah4d and sport book site Bodog and owner Calvn Ayre working on second billion



Everyone loves a winner and Calvin Ayre would seem to be the biggest winner around right now. The 44-year-old scion of a Prairies pig farmer loves to tell how he pulled himself up by his bootstraps to land, improbably, on the cover of Forbes magazine’s annual billionaires issue this month.


“I’m a farm boy from Saskatchewan. You’re never going to get that out of me,” said Mr. Ayre, red wine in hand, as he met a Globe Rubah4d and Mail reporter in a swanky Beverly Hills hotel lobby. The handsome, Costa-Rica-based entrepreneur still betrays his Canadian roots, capping his sentences with an obligatory “eh?,” but now bills himself as “the personification of a new American dream.”


You may have never heard of the Internet-gambling site Bodog.com, or its founder. In fact, just a few years ago, not many people had. But Mr. Ayre is now regarded as an Internet age Hugh Hefner, and one of the leaders in the exploding Internet gaming sector. He is a public relations wunderkind, routinely blitzing the U.S. media with images of bikini models and stories of his own bad-boy-billionaire persona.


Yet when it comes to self-promotion, Mr. Ayre is as selective as he is relentless. Like Jay Gatsby, the fictional hero who cleverly crafted his own rags-to-riches story, Mr. Ayre tends to gloss over some crucial details.


Such as how, a decade ago, he was a disgraced B.C. penny-stock executive. In 1996, a provincial securities watchdog slapped him with a 20-year trading ban and fined him for “misrepresentations.”


It was a nadir for the current Forbes cover boy, who figures he was $100,000 in the red at the time. It is not a chapter of his life he likes to discuss.


“Canadians are funny,” Mr. Ayre …

Can They Bluff as Well as They Act?



Hollywood actors will be put to the test in a new series “Celebrity Poker Showdown” on Bravo.


Twenty five Hollywood stars will take place in a six part, one hour series hosted by Kevin Pollack (“A Few Good Men,” “The Usual Suspects”) to be aired Tuesdays this winter. Stars will include Jack Black, Emily Procter, Coolio, Martin Sheen, Sarah Silverman and Hank Azaria among others.


“Celebrity Poker Showdown” is scheduled to tape before a live audience next month at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and each episode will feature five celebrities competing against each other in a winner takes all game of No Limit Texas Hold’em poker for the charity of their choice. Amongst the new crop of stars to appear each week will be Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, John Spencer, Richard Schiff and Nicole Sullivan making up a total of twenty five players.


Commentating during the event will be poker’s casino en ligne francais own Phil Gordon. Gordon is a world class poker player who has won nearly $1,000,000 in poker tournaments in the last two years including a 4th place finish in the 2001 World Series of Poker and a first plae finish in the World Poker Tour: Aruba (professional division) in 2002.


24hPoker.comThis site was very interesting. I found very good Omaha pot limit games there. The limits available were ˘25 – ˘50 to $5 – $10 pot limit. And at times there can be a $30 – $60 pot limit game with pots reaching $30,000 USD.

Omaha hi – lo is also available as is Hold’em pot limit.


The most interesting part was the 5 card draw games there. I see 3 games there non stop and a lot of players come from Russia / Ukraine. I …

Police Are Saying “No” To Poker

Across the United States and around the world, keluaran hk seems to be the game of choice. But as more play the game, the more notice that law enforcement gives to the game as well.

Recently, in Chicago, a home game was raided and all involved were ticketed for gambling. The police spent a year of surveillance on the game, even to the point of infiltrating the game with one of their own officers. They expected thousands of dollars to be circulating; what they found was a $20 maximum buy-in among sixteen people. After taking the money on the table, the chips, and issuing citations to all involved, the police left. The players simply drew out another $20 and continued the game.

In Greensboro, NC, two men were arrested for running a home poker game. In this case, the police found that the men were taking a rake from the game, thus the arrests. The Charlotte/Mecklenburg (NC) County Sheriffs Department recently concluded a two year sting operation that resulted in another home game being raided and the homeowners arrested. Both cases are still pending trial.

Throw in nightclubs and bars that are running Texas Hold ‘Em games (two have been busted in Iowa and Louisiana), and it is apparent that the attention for the game of poker is almost as strong in the legal community as it is among the players.

The reasons for police getting involved is questionable. In the Charlotte arrests, the police said that the game of poker leads to “further, and more dangerous, crimes such as drugs and robbery”. Additionally, for the police to spend two years scrutinizing this home game (in the Charlotte case), you have to wonder what other crimes were going on while the constables watched the cards fly.

Many websites exist that …

Newly Crowned World Poker Champion Beats 400 / 1 Odds – Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercaya



Online bettors began wagering on the championship over a month ago, but placed little of their own financial confidence in Raymer (an unknown quantity), a Connecticut lawyer with a penchant for displaying fossils instead of a rabbit Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercayafoot during his play, favoring better-known players in odds exclusively compiled by online site, Pokertropolis (www.Pokertropolis.com)


Raymer’s final two adversaries at the table late Friday night, 23-year-old David Anthony Williams (who earned $3.5 million), and Josh Arieh (earning $2.5 million) were also ranked in the bottom half with 500:1 and 400:1 chances respectively Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercayaby the same online bettors. The “Fossilman” dethroned his much written about 2003 predecessor, Chris Moneymaker, who was also given poor odds (460:1) to repeat his Rocky Balboa-like win. Meanwhile, both Pokertropolis’ pre-tournament favorite Johnny Chan (50:1) and Moneymaker were vanquished in the very first round.


While the tendency in recent years has trended toward newcomers and upsets, the online betting community relied heavily on the supposed favorites. Pokertropolis General Manager Jim Silvers noted the fickle nature of the game, with its ability to send even the most talented of players to the showers early: “With the luck of the draw and some well-timed opportunities, it was truly a matter of last man standing.”


The almost 2600 player field was triple that of last year, overwhelming many pro players used to smaller, more focused competition. Many of the Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercayafamed poker-playing celebrities like Ben Affleck (500-to-1) and Leonardo DiCaprio (425-to-1) chose not to duke it out under the limelight of ESPN’s 14 dedicated camera crews in this exceptional elbow-room-only year. Celebs Tobey Maguire (415:1) and James Woods (490:1) did, however, brave the masses, losing out early in the …

Take Your Gambling Addiction With You on cbetcasino.fr



The AP (Associated Press) has a story on new gaming rules in Nevada that, if passed, will allow gamblers to move about a casino, and continue to play a game whose table they just left. The positive aspect of such a ruling is that you don’t have to lose out in a game that you have a stake in, just because you, say, get hungry. But there’s the downside that addicted gamblers will find it that much easier to part with their money due to easy access.


There’s also the worry that kids will get their hands on these devices. Fortunately or unfortunately, these devices have biometric fingerprint readers. Which means that you have to register your finger with someone – someone who will know all about your mobile gambling habits – cbetcasino.fr.


Gambling addiction, of course, has been a problem for as long as gambling has existed. The disturbing trend I’m finding, however, is that adults are giving their 4-12 year old children scratch-and-win lottery tickets to play with. Selling lottery tickets to minors is illegal in most places. Presumably, so is handing a minor a ticket. But when I work at my mother’s diner, I see this going on regularly. Once these children are hooked, many throw tantrums if their parents don’t give them some of the tickets. A very bad precedent.


For some reason, I don’t see kids in the 13-17 age group trying to sponge lottery tickets from their parents. Then again, that may be because they’ve snuck on to online poker sites after pilfering mom or dad’s credit card.…

Inside the Tour: Casino Extra Impressions from Commerce Club L.A. Poker Classic 2005, PPT tour, Year One



This event, which is spun out of the WPT, is a big step forward in the relationship the players have with television productions. Prior to this the players put up the entry fees, paid the house percentage, gave tips to the dealers and other workers from their winnings, and then were told by television to not make final-table deals, not wear logos, not dress poorly, not to criticize others, and not to speak harshly while on camera…. And, by the way, hold it right there because we need to change the tape… we will be back with you in a few minutes…Some players have even had makeup administered and an arm reaching up inside their shirt to adjust a microphone as they tried to play a hand! Ah, yes, well some of the production assistants are not fully aware of the fact that a real competition for real money is going on. For them it is just another “reality” television show where they are trying to present everyone as pretty and acceptable.


As Casino Extra players we were very offended because, although television made stars out of a few, they were very demanding and yet returning nothing to the participants. By giving the three million dollars to the professional pool of players much of the sting of other compromises has been removed. Of course there is another side to this, the TV people argue that they have made poker a household word and that the fields are large and the media scrutiny intense only because they have found a way to make these events exciting (specifically by use of microphones, camera shots, personality profiles, and most especially the “hole cam” where the audience gets to see the player’s hidden cards and so can reflect on the ways …

A Chat With Chad, Creator of California Hold’em – chericasino.net



I did the math and realized I wanted eight more cards. I knew that my biggest hurdle is in people adopting change. So I didn’t want to introduce any unique cards, like new face cards. 11s and 12s just seemed logical to me. If I changed the face cards or in any other way messed with the logic of the traditional deck, I was probably going to face huge opposition no matter how great the game.


I think the changes I made are the best method by which to produce the precise mathematical results for hold’em poker while preserving the logic. I faced a great deal of consternation about whether to unsuit the 2s and 3s, but wanted to consolidate all of the changes to the same place in the deck. As far as unsuiting cards to begin with, I needed to for two reasons. The overall idea of my game is to add more ’slugs’ to the deck that do not improve drawing hands. This forces players to be more considerate when drawing, since some situations that are profitable for drawing in THE are not in CHE.


If I did not compensate for suit, it would be easier to get a flush at chericasino.net than a straight and there would be no comparable disincentive applied to flush draws. I knew I could not unsuit the 12s, because there had to be the ability to get a Royal Flush. (12-A in my game.) A great deal of thought went into every detail of my game. In the end, the nuance created by having the unsuited cards where they are in the deck creates some really cool challenges. Understanding the 10-12 in the deck and the ramifications the changes can give a skilled player an edge even …