A Chat With Chad, Creator of California Hold’em – chericasino.net




I did the math and realized I wanted eight more cards. I knew that my biggest hurdle is in people adopting change. So I didn’t want to introduce any unique cards, like new face cards. 11s and 12s just seemed logical to me. If I changed the face cards or in any other way messed with the logic of the traditional deck, I was probably going to face huge opposition no matter how great the game.


I think the changes I made are the best method by which to produce the precise mathematical results for hold’em poker while preserving the logic. I faced a great deal of consternation about whether to unsuit the 2s and 3s, but wanted to consolidate all of the changes to the same place in the deck. As far as unsuiting cards to begin with, I needed to for two reasons. The overall idea of my game is to add more ’slugs’ to the deck that do not improve drawing hands. This forces players to be more considerate when drawing, since some situations that are profitable for drawing in THE are not in CHE.


If I did not compensate for suit, it would be easier to get a flush at chericasino.net than a straight and there would be no comparable disincentive applied to flush draws. I knew I could not unsuit the 12s, because there had to be the ability to get a Royal Flush. (12-A in my game.) A great deal of thought went into every detail of my game. In the end, the nuance created by having the unsuited cards where they are in the deck creates some really cool challenges. Understanding the 10-12 in the deck and the ramifications the changes can give a skilled player an edge even amongst skilled players. There’s a whole new set of variables upon which the great minds can find advantages and that’s really the heart of what poker is about, at least for me.